Hi, I'm Kimberly,

but most people call me kimmie

Being a mom has radically transformed who I am when I pick up my camera. Taking photos used to be about capturing a person, and a moment, perfectly. But now my life is full of messy, undone moments and I can so clearly see that it's rarely the perfectly curated moments that are full of any kind of meaning you'd want to hang on to forever... in fact, it's the times when you can't remember much other than how you felt that I crave the most as a photographer

That's not to say that I don't like my photography the way I like my drinks - classic and neat, I do. 

My approach to capturing your wedding day begins with you. I create  an empathetic, dynamic team who wants you to feel as comfortable in front of the camera as you do in your own skin.  We are conversational and warm, we like to draw out the most genuine sides of you while highlighting the most beautiful versions of you, your partner, your family and friends. 

We delight in telling your story in a classic, clean and editorial style.

I believe the essentials in life include: great conversations with friends, wine, long walks with our golden retriever, Beckett, and a boat ride on the Chris-Craft at sunset. 

Let me introduce you to my better half

Hi, I'm Andrew,

Kimmie's best friend & partner in crime

Let’s be honest- The “Better Half” was on the first page.

Like Kimmie, I have several titles and a good bit of hats to wear on any given day. We’ve been a team since college, where I’m not ashamed to admit, I initially used photography solely as an excuse to spend more time with my future better half. 

On any given wedding day I’m looking to do two things- take great pictures (that’s why she pays me the big bucks) and make sure our clients truly enjoy their day. Over the years I’ve seen that great pictures come from equal parts listening to what’s most important to you, looking for every opportunity to capture both the story and the beauty of the day, encouraging our clients as often as possible, and engaging with everyone involved to ensure we get every detail right.

Let me introduce you
to my better half

forever a fan of black & white images

Martha's vineyard is my happy place

there's nothing more iconic than the New york skyline

springtime is the best time

Monet was right, i must always have flowers

I'm a sucker for seersucker and my best girl

Sailcloth tents are wedding essentials

Celebrating the little things

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